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Healthy Salad

Prioritise you

Restore and reboot your health through the power of food

Life today can be fast paced, stressful, busy and sometimes overwhelming.

If we don't prioritise our health, before we know it, we find ourselves living with a whole range of issues that just seemed to creep up on us while we weren't looking!

Nutritional deficiencies play a significant part in our health and overall wellbeing and through my personalised nutrition programme I can help you regain balance in your health.

How nutritional therapy can help you...

Digestive issues   .   Diabetes Immunity  .   Aches and pains   .   Skin conditions   .   Low energy levels   .   Stress and poor sleep   .   Headaches   .   Allergies   .   Weight loss/gain   .   Hormone imbalances   .   General wellbeing


Working with me

Nutritional therapy consultations involve an in-depth look into your current health, past medical history, family health history, and each body system to find out how they are functioning.


Initial consultations can last up to 90 minutes to provide a comprehensive assessment of your health. It is essential to get to the root cause of each symptom so that an informed and targeted approach to healing can take place.

plant based nutritionist plant based nutritional therapist

Initial Consultation: £120 (90 mins)

Every individual is unique and many factors, such as genetics, environment and lifestyle, are all relevant to health. Through this thorough consultation a tailored plan will be developed to meet your individual needs.

Follow-up: £60 (35-45 mins)

A follow-up appointment around 4-6 weeks later will take place to review progress and adjust the plan where appropriate. Further follow-up appointments may be required for maintenance reviews and additional support.


Occasionally, further testing may be required to identify underlying causes of health issues. This may include food intolerance test, histamine test, thyroid panel, hormone panel, adrenal profile and nutritional evaluation screen.


Thanks to Mhari, I have learned the value of putting myself and my health first.

"At my first consultation I never thought I'd be able to change my diet or have the time to plan meals but Mhari gave me lots of tips to make it easy and supported me when I was feeling I couldn't do it. I originally came to her because I had no energy but I'm now out running a few times a week and I've seen great improvements in my mood and stress levels. I can't recommend her enough."

D . 26

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